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        英語寫作文的萬能句子簡單 熱門101句

        1. When he was asked why he went there, he said he was sent there to be trained for a space flight.

        2. Jim was too careless to pass the exam last term.

        3. Lily used to have long straight hair. (改為反意疑問句

        4. Similarly, we should pay attention to...

        5. (對劃線部分提問) _________ _________ has he been a top fashion designer?

        6. Do you know the boy who is called Tom.

        7. We must keep the noise under 50 dbs.(分貝(改成被動語態)

        8. But for me, I would rather think of the matter in ...way.至于我,我寧愿以……的方式來看待這一問題。例句:But for me, I would rather think of the matter in a positive way.至于我,我寧愿以樂觀的態度來看待這一問題。

        9. He came in and was followed by his students

        10. Jack's mother asked him, ^v^Have you packed your things?^v^ Jack's mother asked him ____ he ____ packed his things.

        11. Because he is a physicist, he could well explained how to do the research.

        12. I quite agree with the statement that… the reasons are chiefly as follows. 我十分贊同這一論述,即……,其主要原因如下:例句:I quite agree with the statement that living in the big city is better than living in the small town. The reasons are chiefly as follows. 我十分贊同這一論述,即居住在大城市比小城鎮好,其主要原因如下:

        13. He followed his students and came in.

        14. We do our homework every evening. (改為否定句)

        15. Remember to ring me up as soon as you get to Nanjing Make ____ to give me a ring as soon as you _____ Nanjing.

        16. The elderly man pushed the birds into the river.(改為被動語態)

        17. As time goes by ,he becoms aware of it.

        18. Peoples views onvary from person to person. Some hold thatHowever, others believe that

        19. If you are not brave, you’ll lose your last chance.(保持原句意思)

        20. 在句子意思不變的情況下用分詞或不定式改寫下列句子:

        21. They realized Hainan was a beautiful place after they reached there.

        22. They decided that they wouldn't have the picnic because of the bad weather. (改為簡單句

        23. Meaningless information is difficult for the little boy to remember. (保持原句意思)

        24. People have figured out many ways to solve this problem. 人們已找出許多辦法來解決這個問題。

        25. There are many places of interest, among which is the Yunji mountain,whose scenery is very beautiful, which attracts lots of tourists from different places every year.

        26. They couldn't catch the train because of the heavy traffic. The heital?

        27. To go fishing is fun. (句意不變 )

        28. Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well. For example,...互聯網已在我們的生活中扮演著越來越重要的角色。它給我們帶來了許多好處,但也產生了一些嚴重的問題。比如,……例句:Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well. For example, there are more and more students indulged in computer games.互聯網已在我們的生活中扮演著越來越重要的角色。它給我們帶來了許多好處,但也產生了一些嚴重的問題。比如:越來越多的學生沉迷于電腦游戲而無法自拔。

        29. 根據他的話判斷), he did well in his exam. (judge

        30. They will send him to work in Japan for one year. (改為被動語態

        31. Li Lei decided to move to Canada when he was thirty.

        32. Bell is said __________ the telephone. (用不定式

        33. I prefer walking there to going by bus.

        34. 語篇填空 用所給動詞的適當形式填空。(一)

        35. As far as I am concerned, ...我認為……例句:As far as I am concerned, studying abroad has advantages and disadvantage.我認為出過留學有好處也有壞處。

        36. But I do not think that this view can hold water.但我并不認為這一觀點能站得住腳。

        37. Sam does some cleaning in the morning. (改為否定句

        38. My watch doesn't work well.

        39. The answer to this problem is...問題的答案是……例句:The answer to this problem is to perfect education system.問題的答案是完善教育體系。

        40. Cao Fei joined the League three years ago.

        41. Though he had been told several times, he didn’t understand me.

        42. Some people are in favor of the idea of doing... They point out the fact that...有人贊成……,他們指出……例句:Some people are in favor of the idea of planting trees. They point out the fact that only trees can save our air.有人贊成植樹這個想法,他們指出了只有樹木可以拯救空氣的這個事實。

        43. People used to enjoy themselves chatting on MSN when it worked well. (保持句意基本不變

        44. The words on the notice board are very small. I can’t see them clearly.(保持句子原意

        45. Did they know the answer to the question? Ididn’t know… (合并為一句 I didn’t know ________ they had ________ the answer to the question.

        46. 簡單句和復合句之間的互換常見的有:帶有疑問詞的賓語從句改為特殊疑問詞+to+動詞原形的不定式;結果狀語從句so…that…改為enough to或too…to…的簡單句。

        47. They store much information in the computer. (改成被動語態

        48. That detective film is so amazing. (改為感嘆句)

        49. When he saw from the top of the mountain, he viewed a beautiful city.

        50. 解題時需注意的幾個要點

        51. Yang Li wei said to us, ^v^I'm going to visit your school tomorrow. ^v^ We were all pleased.

        52. The annual school sports meeting was held yesterday. It presented a marvelous opening ceremony.

        53. Attitudes towards... vary from person to person. 人們對待……的態度因人而異例句:Attitudes towards drugs vary from person to person. 人們對待吸毒的態度因人而異。

        54. Everything has two sides and...is not an exception, it has both advantages and disadvantages.任何事物都是有兩面性,……也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。例句:Everything has two sides and studying abroad is not an exception, it has both advantages and disadvantages.任何事物都是有兩面性,出國留學也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。

        55. consisting of / which consists of

        56. It seems that they have known each other.

        57. The phenomenon mainly stems from the fact that... 這種現象主要是源于……的現實例句:he phenomenon mainly stems from the fact that parents spoil their kids.這種現象主要是源于父母溺愛的事實。

        58. 時態:不同的時態相對應的助動詞

        59. When the national flag is being hoisted, all the students stand at attention, . (fix

        60. Further, we hold the opinion that...此外,我們堅持認為……例句:Further, we hold the opinion that football is very funny.此外,我們堅持認為足球是很有趣的。

        61. 在合并句子時,有些連詞如not only…but also…, neither…nor…, either…or…是就近原則,連接兩個主語時動詞形式取決于與動詞鄰近的主語。而both…and…連接兩個主語時,主語是復數。

        62. Mike doesn’t like classical music. Billy doesn’t either. (合并成一句) _________ Mike nor Billy __________ classical music.

        63. My friends lost their way when they were traveling in Hong Kong. (改為一般疑問句

        64. Mr. Wang washes his car once a month. (改為一般疑問句)

        65. Nancy is too young to dress herself.

        66. My brother has been away from home for two days.

        67. His mother knew why the little boy was unhappy all day. (改為一般疑問句

        68. 改反意疑問句時注意hardly, never, seldom, few, little, no等詞表達的是否定意義,變反意疑問句時用肯定形式。

        69. The woman who was dressed in a blue skirt delivered a speech to us.

        70. The moon, which travels round the earth once every month, is a natural satellite of the earth.

        71. When the test was finished, we began our holiday.

        72. There is no doubt that...has its drawbacks as well as merits. 毫無疑問,……有優點也有缺點。例句:There is no doubt that job-hopping has its drawbacks as well as merits. 毫無疑問,跳槽有優點也有缺點。

        73. The English people hardly ever shake hands between the strangers .( 改為反意疑問句

        74. After the problem was solved,he took a rest.

        75. Gold is less valuable than diamond. (保持句意不變

        76. Could you tell me where the East Street Hospital is? Excuse me, ____ is the _____ to the East Street Hospital?

        77. Here are some suggestions for handling…這是處理……的一些建議。例句:Here are some suggestions for handling the problem of learning in winter.這是解決冬天學習的一些建議。

        78. The plane is so big that it can carry 300 passengers at one time. (改為簡單句)

        79. Judging from / by his words/what he said

        80. 合并下列句子

        81. The Smiths will invite the professor to take part in the party. (改成被動語態 to take part in the party by the Smiths.

        82. We will have to finish the work hardly if you don't help us. We can't finish the work _____ _____ ______

        83. “Can I borrow your bike for a while or not?”( 保持句意基本不變)

        84. Mark's flown to Hainan Island for winter holidays. (改為反意疑問句

        85. My dictionary isn't so thick as yours.

        86. As for me, I agree with the latter opinion to some extent. I think that...至于我,在某種程度上我同意后面的觀點,我認為……例句: As for me, I agree with the latter opinion to some extent. I think that living in the small town is more convenient.至于我,在某種程度上我同意后面的觀點,我認為在城鎮居住更加的便捷。

        87. She likes singing better than dancing. She ____ singing ____ dancing.

        88. Dolphins are so clever that they can follow the instructions.(保持句意基本不變) Dolphins are ________ ________ to follow the instructions.

        89. I once read a book called Man, Woman and Child, which enabled me to understand the love in a family.

        90. As an old saying goes,...正如一句古老的諺語所說,……例句:As an old saying goes, there is a will there is a way.正如一句古老的諺語所說,有志者事竟成。

        91. They couldn't catch the train because of the heavy traffic. The heavy traffic _____ them from _____ the train.

        92. This is the man who organized the activity.

        93. If John doesn’t apologize for what he did, I will tell the teacher about his bad behavior.

        94. There are different opinions among people as to

        95. She put the digital camera on the bed just now. (改為否定句

        96. You can choose only one of the two: a mini-TV or a DVD player. (改為選擇疑問句

        97. The change in ...largely results from the fact that......的變化很大程度上是因為……例句:The change in our campus largely results from the fact that our consciousness has changed.我們校園的變化很大程度上是因為我們意識的轉變。

        98. After the opening ceremony, we sat in the base of our class. We waited patiently for the beginning of the race.

        99. The book is exciting to read.

        100. Personally, I am standing on the side of...就個人而言,我站在……的一邊。例句:Personally, I am standing on the side of living alone.就個人而言,我站在獨居這一邊。

        101. dating back to/from (which dates back to/from

        英語寫作文的萬能句子簡單 熱門73句

        1. He donated over 10 billion dollars in order that he could sponsor education, culture, sports, and public welfare in the earth-stricken area.

        2. The couple couldn’t decide which flat they should choose at first. (保持原句意

        3. Kitty does well in English.

        4. Attitudes towards vary from person to person.==Different people hold different attitudes towards

        5. This is the most interesting film I have ever seen. I have ____seen _____ an interesting film before.

        6. They invited the astronaut and his wife to the party on Christmas Eve.(改為被動語態

        7. If time permits, we will

        8. I have already finished the test paper.(改為否定句)

        9. 習題

        10. It took Mary two weeks to prepare for the exam.

        11. ^v^My grandpa doesn't like coffee or coke^v^ said Bob

        12. The manager arrived here a few minutes ago. (保持句意不變)

        13. Jane doesn't go to work by bus any longer.

        14. 對劃線部分提問

        15. People may have different opinions on

        16. (劃線部分提問)

        17. Don’t throw rubbish here and there. Our teacher said to us. (合并為一句

        18. My friend Christine took part in the 800-meter race. She had received training many times, so she kept calm before the race. After 400 meters, though she looked tired, she still tried her best to run. We screamed and beat the drum when we saw she passed by. She won the medal, and we were proud of it. (把短文中的從句或并列句改成非謂語動詞

        19. I’ve already saved enough money to buy a new car. (改為否定句

        20. Every coin has two sides.事物都有兩面性。例句:Every coin has two sides. Suitable exercise is good for people’s health, but too much will be harmful.事物都有兩面性。適當的鍛煉有助于健康,但是過度卻會對身體有害。

        21. She could hardly understand this passage. (改為反意疑問句

        22. The little girl didn’t go to bed unless the grandmother told her a story. (保持句意基本不變

        23. He looks very funny with that hat on. (改為感嘆句

        24. No one knows when we will start tomorrow. (保持原句意思)

        25. He has already been there .(改為一般疑問句

        26. Different people have different opinions about...不同的人對……有不同的看法。例句:Different people have different opinions about swimming in winter.不同的人對冬泳有不同的看法。

        27. The manager told him how to get useful information. (改為否定句

        28. 非謂語動詞完成句子練習

        29. He was so young that he could not go to school. He was too young __________ to school.

        30. Dick was so short that he couldn’t touch the top of the bookshelf.(保持句意基本不變)

        31. According to the figure/number/statistics/percentages in the /chart/bar graph/line/graph, it can be seen that...根據圖表/數字/統計數字/表格中的百分比/圖表/條形圖/成形圖可以看出……例句: According to the statistics in the graph, it can be seen that our economic is growing rapidly.根據圖表中的數據可以看出我們的經濟正在快速發展中。

        32. He told the children to go and watch his tank of Ghost fish. (改為被動語態 The children ________ ________ to go and watch his tank of Ghost fish.

        33. to go to the People’s Square by underground. (對劃線部分提問

        34. Johnson denied cheating in the competition.(改為反意疑問句)

        35. I'm confident that a bright future is awaiting for us because...我堅信美好的未來正等著我們,因為……例句:I'm confident that a bright future is awaiting for us because we are connecting with the world.我堅信美好的未來正等著我們,因為我們正在與世界接軌。

        36. All in all, we cannot live without… So, we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise. 總之,我們無法離開……而生存。但同時,我們必須尋求新的解決方案來應付可能出現的新問題。例句:All in all, we cannot live without water. So, we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise. 總之,離開水我們將無法生存。所以,我們必須尋求新的解決方案來應付可能出現的新問題。

        37. If you don’t improve your handwriting, you will lose marks in the exam. (合成同義句

        38. It is true that ... , but the chief faults are...……是事實,但是主要的問題是……例句:It is true that population will cause burden to the environment, but the chief faults are industrial pollution, extensive deforestation and air pollution.人口會給環境帶來壓力是事實,但是主要的問題是工業污染、過度砍伐以及空氣污染。

        39. Some of my classmates work very hard, and they hope to fulfill their dream. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

        40. She was so careless that she couldn’t find the mistakes in her test paper. (保持句意基本不變

        41. People throw away millions of plastic bags in our city every day. (改成被動語態)

        42. They grew some sunflowers in their garden last year.(改為否定句)

        43. He doesn’t seem to mind by others. (make

        44. Personally, I believe that...就我個人而言,我相信……例句:Personally, I believe that studying abroad is good for our Chinese students.就我個人而言,我相信出過留學對我們中國學生是有好處的。

        45. If you don't hurry up, you can't catch the train.

        46. I was late for school because of the traffic accident. The traffic accident _____ me _____ getting to school on time.

        47. Unless I have a quiet room, I cannot do any work. (保持句意不變)

        48. The room is so dirty that we can’t live in it.(保持句意不變)

        49. Different people hold different attitudes toward... 對……人們的態度各不相同。 例句:Different people hold different attitudes toward smoking. 對于香煙人們的態度各不相同。

        50. Only in this way can we…只有這樣,我們才能…… 例句:Only in this way can we save our life.只有這樣,我們才能拯救我們的生活。

        51. It happened that he had been invited

        52. We can’t finish the work in such a short time. (保持原句意思

        53. This is an article (由五部分組成)five parts. (consist

        54. Your father used to ride a bike. (改成反意問句)

        55. Jane drinks milk every morning.(改為一般疑問句)

        56. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless it is watered every day.

        57. Tom’s sister can speak English and Japanese very well. (改為反意疑問句

        58. We can solve the problems with the help of the teacher. (改為被動語態 The problems can _________ _________ with the help of the teacher.

        59. 保持原句意思改寫句子時注意時態不變。

        60. Do you know the boy who knows Japanese?

        61. I don’t decide what I should do.

        62. It must be realized that…我們必須意識到……例句:It must be realized that parents’ love is the most selfless emotion in the world.我們必須意識到父母的愛是這個世界上最無私的情感。

        63. It is high time that ...是時候……例句:It is high time that we should take action to protect our environment.我們是時候要采取行動保護環境了。

        64. I don't know where we can grow vegetables in the city. (改為簡單句 I don't know _________ _________ grow vegetables in the city.

        65. After the bridge had been completed, it went through a hard time because of the bad weather.

        66. He has some money left.(改成否定句)

        67. Owing to ..., we have...由于……,我們已經……。例句:Owing to reading this book, we have learned a lot.由于讀了這本書,我們學到了很多。

        68. 語態:主動語態變為被動語態的謂語結構

        69. 概述

        70. -Thank you very much. -You're welcome.

        71. He was born on the 18th of January, 1979 in Taiwan, and he was raised by his mother and was shy and quiet during his childhood.

        72. The best way to solve the troubles is…解決這些麻煩的最好辦法是……例句:The best way to solve the troubles is to get up early.解決這些麻煩的最好辦法是早起。

        73. I find the statement that...to be too narrow.我覺得……的觀點過于狹隘。例句:I find the statement that benefit comes first to be too narrow.我覺得利益優先的觀點過于狹隘。




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